26 July 2019


Build a village! Place structures, manage an economy, and head out on quests. Light and puzzley, quick and satisfying, with colossal play variation via selection of map, character, and mods. BGG

One player. 1 hr playtime. 8-page PDF. Requires printer, pencil, eraser, 12 six-sided dice (or fewer dice & tokens).

Buy at Gumroad, DriveThruRPG, or PNP Arcade

1 August 2019 - 1.0b - US Letter, watermark removal, rules

8 September 2019 - 1.0c - dark & colourized maps, rules

Advanced Event

8 September 2019


Replaces Pencilvillage's Event table with an elegant Advanced Event system, which gives each playthrough a richer character without adding complexity.

2-page PDF. Requires Pencilvillage.

Buy at Gumroad or DriveThruRPG


21 September 2018


Build a town! Slow, deep, and rewarding, with a detailed simulation. Large event table with in-depth stories, flow economy, vast selection of structures, and theme-rich magic and questing. BGG

One player. 5+ hr playtime. 37-page PDF. Requires printer, pencil, eraser, 2 six-sided dice.

Buy at Gumroad or DriveThruRPG

27 September 2018 - 1.1 - various changes

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8 September 2019

Hello, lovely people!

Pencilvillage's launch has been exciting! It stuck around in the top five of DriveThru's "under $5" list for a respectable four five weeks.

I have mostly been active in replying to mail and forum posts, but since returning from my holiday in August I have returned to games development too. I'm working on expansion content for Pencilvillage, as well as a third game.

So what's happening around here?

  • is up! It serves to showcase all my games in one spot, and it's a place for me to post updates like this one.
  • Pencilvillage's first expansion is out! Advanced Events adds a large table of events, grouped into progressing arcs, adding a light story layer as well as additional gameplay variation.
  • Jim Kelly of Bexim's Bazaar interviewed me at length about Pencilvillage and my design process. It's published in Issue #9.
  • Pencilgames are now available through a third merchant, PNP Arcade.
  • Pencilvillage has a modest crop of DriveThruRPG reviews and BoardGameGeek ratings.
  • Stolksdorf made a web tracker for Pencilvillage! It works well on mobile browsers and includes a handy dice roller. Check out Homebrewery and his Patreon for it.
  • Albia of BoardGameGeek made delightful alternate playsheets for Penciltown! I'm a huge fan.
  • Pencilvillage 1.0b was released silently, with a shift to US Letter format, watermark removal, and rules clarifications.
  • Pencilvillage 1.0c is being released with this post, with darker colourized maps, a low-randomness scoring variant, and various smaller changes based on feedback.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on Pencilvillage. Your perspectives have been invaluable. The Quest rework didn't make it into 1.0c, but it's in the pipeline.