11 January 2020


Conquer a dungeon! Build your team, selecting 2-4 heroes to delve, as well as slotting synergistic abilities for the quest. Master the tight, tactical gameplay, accomplish each map's heroic feats, and unlock novel abilities for your heroes!

One player. 2 hr playtime. 26-page PDF. Requires printer, pencil, eraser, 2 six-sided dice.

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26 July 2019


Build a village! Place structures, manage an economy, and head out on quests. Light and puzzley, quick and satisfying, with colossal play variation via selection of map, character, and mods. BGG

One player. 1 hr playtime. 8-page PDF. Requires printer, pencil, eraser, 12 six-sided dice (or fewer dice & tokens).

Buy at Gumroad, DriveThruRPG, or PNP Arcade

1 August 2019 - 1.0b - US Letter, watermark removal, rules

8 September 2019 - 1.0c - dark & colourized maps, rules

Advanced Event

8 September 2019


Replaces Pencilvillage's Event table with an elegant Advanced Event system, which gives each playthrough a richer character without adding complexity.

2-page PDF. Requires Pencilvillage.

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21 September 2018


Build a town! Slow, deep, and rewarding, with a detailed simulation. Large event table with in-depth stories, flow economy, vast selection of structures, and theme-rich magic and questing. BGG

One player. 5+ hr playtime. 37-page PDF. Requires printer, pencil, eraser, 2 six-sided dice.

Buy at Gumroad or DriveThruRPG

27 September 2018 - 1.1 - various changes

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11 January 2020

Phew! Pencilquest is out. Do let me know what you think of it :)

8 September 2019

Hello, lovely people!

Pencilvillage's launch has been exciting! It stuck around in the top five of DriveThru's "under $5" list for a respectable four five weeks.

I have mostly been active in replying to mail and forum posts, but since returning from my holiday in August I have returned to games development too. I'm working on expansion content for Pencilvillage, as well as a third game.

So what's happening around here?

  • is up! It serves to showcase all my games in one spot, and it's a place for me to post updates like this one.
  • Pencilvillage's first expansion is out! Advanced Events adds a large table of events, grouped into progressing arcs, adding a light story layer as well as additional gameplay variation.
  • Jim Kelly of Bexim's Bazaar interviewed me at length about Pencilvillage and my design process. It's published in Issue #9.
  • Pencilgames are now available through a third merchant, PNP Arcade.
  • Pencilvillage has a modest crop of DriveThruRPG reviews and BoardGameGeek ratings.
  • Stolksdorf made a web tracker for Pencilvillage! It works well on mobile browsers and includes a handy dice roller. Check out Homebrewery and his Patreon for it.
  • Albia of BoardGameGeek made delightful alternate playsheets for Penciltown! I'm a huge fan.
  • Pencilvillage 1.0b was released silently, with a shift to US Letter format, watermark removal, and rules clarifications.
  • Pencilvillage 1.0c is being released with this post, with darker colourized maps, a low-randomness scoring variant, and various smaller changes based on feedback.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on Pencilvillage. Your perspectives have been invaluable. The Quest rework didn't make it into 1.0c, but it's in the pipeline.